1st & foremost the WageShield system will help protect you, your family, and your income wages and banking accounts as well as other assets from unsecured creditors. The WageShield system is much like insurance, every month you may pay for auto, home, life, and health insurance not because you plan on using it, but because it’s good to have, should you need it.

Below is a brief overview of how the WageShield program works and helps protect consumer’s wages.

To begin, most states have what is called a “Charging Order” and do not allow more than one consecutive wage garnishment by unsecured creditors. What this means is the “First Party” to obtain a judgment against a consumer and enforce the judgment will typically be the first party to be paid. In most states; this will block other judgment holders from being able to enforce their judgment until the person/company in the “First Party” position is paid.

In addition, most states have restrictions on the amount that can be garnished from a consumer’s wages, which is typically up to 25% of their disposable income. This will vary from state to state and some states such as Pennsylvania, South & North Carolina, and Texas do not allow wage garnishments for credit related debts.

This is a key element of the WageShield program and is our ultimate objective to establish the “First Party” position for clients; which if done correctly and timely, will block unsecured creditors from being able to enforce their judgments as previously mentioned. This is accomplished through using various legal techniques and strategies that are similar to the system most creditors use.

Unlike the credit industry, the WageShield program is used to help provide consumers with the “Ultimate Protection” they need from unsecured creditors to help protect their wages and banking accounts from being garnished or frozen by such creditors.

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