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  • “I was able to become debt free in 28 months and save over $36,000. This program is worth 10 times as much as what I paid.”
    Adrian, MN

  • “I wanted to thank you for assisting me in handling my debt load. Your advice and system gave me the courage and incentive to deal with the creditors and settle on all of my cards. I saved over seven thousand dollars by settling with the credit card companies. Your advice was sound and greatly appreciated.”
    Mark S.

  • “After being turned down by 3 lenders, JustUsDebt helped us qualify for a refinance. We were then able to use our equity to become debt free.”
    E. Equinoa, CA

  • “When my husband lost his job, we didn’t think we’d ever get out of debt. JustUsDebt helped change all of that.”
    R. Wolff, FL

  • “Thank you for giving my family peace of mind. This means more to us than we can ever express”
    R. Johnson, Minnesota

  • “JustUsDebt made it so we didn’t have to deal with our creditors. They handled all aspects of it for us.”
    J. Raisley, New Jersey

  • “The bills kept piling up. The calls kept coming and we were on the verge of bankruptcy. JustUsDebt helped put an end to that and helped us get out of debt.”
    J.Nielson, PA

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