Debt Settlement

As debt negotiators, our experienced representatives act as liaisons between you and your creditors, negotiating your balances and making full settlements on your delinquent unsecured debts. We’ll take on almost all of the work involved in dealing with your creditors collectors and chances are….

– You’ll no longer have to lay awake at night worrying about the stack of unpaid bills on the kitchen table.

– You’ll no longer have to avoid answering the telephone, worried that it will be an angry creditor.

– You’ll no longer have to suffer the stress of being buried in debt.

By hiring Just Us Debt as your debt negotiators, you can. . .

Bankruptcy can have serious negative implications for your financial future. That’s why we recommend bankruptcy be considered ONLY as a last resort. Receive tailored debt reduction advice and service that’s unique to your situation. We recognize that you’re an individual with needs, concerns, and problems that are different from our other clients. We tailor our programs to meet each of our client’s unique individual needs. Rest assured that with Just Us Debt you will receive personalized attention and programs that are designed to work for you.

We know how to successfully negotiate the best settlement for you. We’ll provide you with a manageable plan that’s consistent with your needs and desires. Know that your rights are protected. At Just Us Debt, we understand your legal rights, under the Fair Debt Collection Act as well as other federal and state law, very well – and we will help make sure that you are protected. (For more information about the Fair Debt Collection Act and other government regulations).

Our free consultation will provide you with complete details about our unique program. Once we get an idea of your situation, we’ll be able to tailor a debt reduction plan to suit your specific needs and desires. For a free consultation contact us, there are no strings attached – you’re under no obligation.

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Debt Settlement

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