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Debt Settlement

Also known as Debt Negotiation  is a process of negotiating a reduced pay-off on credit cards and other unsecured debts allowing you to pay back a fraction of what you owe, and completely eliminate the debt.  Let our team of experienced debt negotiators help you.
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Debt Management

Also commonly referred to as Debt Consolidation or Debt Counselling is Debt Relief Service wherein clients interest rates are typically lowered, payments are consolidated into one monthly payment facilitated by a 3rd party. For More Information

Credit Improvement

Negative Credit Can Cost You Thousands in higher fees and  interest rates, but it doesn’t have to.  Our credit experts have helped thousands clean up and boost their credit scores. We Can Help You Get The Credit You Deserve!
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Do-It-Yourself Program

Discover the BIGGEST SECRETS that Debt Relief Companies don’t want you to know. If you are a hands on “Do It Yourself” type personality than we can show you step by step how to eliminate your debt by fractions of what you owe.
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WageShield / Asset Protection

Creditor Lawsuits Are On The Rise!  If you have credit cards and other debts, you may be at risk of being sued.  This Proprietary Service/Program can help you protect your wages, banking accounts, and other assets from creditors who want to garnish wages and levy property.
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Bankruptcy & Legal Prep

Bankruptcy is a viable option for many consumers today. In fact for many it may be the only answer. Whether you just need help processing the legal paperwork or you are looking for reputable bankruptcy attorney – We Can Help You!  For More Information

Tax Settlement

Whether it’s personal or business taxes, you want a qualified, licensed representative that knows the appropriate procedures to help you. Many people think that they are “Safe” if they handle their own tax liabilities, but that’s exactly what the taxing authorities want you to think, which is extremely dangerous for you.
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